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How to Select the Right Type of Electronic Heating Wire

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China Ohmalloy Material Co.,Ltd certification
China Ohmalloy Material Co.,Ltd certification
I search for Nichrome plate long time, and successfully bought it from Ohmalloy material. OHMALLOY provide real good service in alloy service and can always help me in finding the correct resistance alloy.

—— Mike Harness

OHMALLOY can provie me only 1kg Kovar alloy wire 1.0mm with short time, that is really amazing. Thanks

—— Janey

Really professional in thermocouple wire and cable, what i want just can get from OHMALLOY

—— Chris

Enamelled Constantan 0.08mm, i never expect to get only 2kg of it. But OHMALLOY supply it to me with good quality. God Jesus! Such a reliable supplier from china

—— Aaron

Company News
How to Select the Right Type of Electronic Heating Wire

Different environment choice different heating wire, during the selection, not the cheaper the better, also is not the more expensive the more fit, to meet the requirements of the equipment is particularly important, the third is the need for price.In other words, we need the high performance of the product. How can we choose such products?


The electric heating wire is divided into: iron chromium aluminum series and nickel chromium series.

The iron chromium aluminium is divided into 0cr25AL5, 0cr21Al6Nb, 0Cr27Al7Mo2 etc.

Nickel-chromium: Cr20Ni80, Cr15Ni60, Cr20Ni35, Cr25Ni20, etc.


So what kind of line would you choose? What kind of wire would you like?


If the purchaser for mechanical equipment factory, packaging machine, sealing machine, packaging machine does not require such as temperature, about 200-300 ℃, it is recommended to use 0 cr20ni80 brand of nichrome wire, nichrome wire can be welding performance is good, soft, not easy embrittlement, and it is best to use the sling, because the load power of the sling of every square metre is bigger than round wire, width is high, smaller than round wire attrition rate.

If the purchaser for the enterprise, the factory to consider the temperature and the temperature problem, such as 100 ℃ to 900 ℃, and does not require the quality is superior, the recommendations in the most ordinary iron chromium aluminum 0 cr25al5, it cheap highest use temperature at 900 ℃, if the heating wire surface heat treatment, acid white or annealing, enhance its oxidizing better, price is quite high.If the oven at 900 ℃ to 1000 ℃, it is recommended to use 0 cr21al6nb, this type of heating wire for the Nb element, temperature tolerance, higher quality and better, if the temperature at 1100 ℃ to 1200 ℃, it is recommended to use Ocr27al7mo2, containing MO wire circle so heat resistance is higher, but the higher the purity of 0 cr27al7mo2, the stronger the rigidity, oxidation resistance, the better, but more brittle, so should take put down gently, it is better to let the factory to round to the right size by purchaser himself.


The electric wire is widely used, and many manufacturers can contact us directly in the selection process to recommend the most reasonable and cost-effective products.Our company tries to think for the customers, to satisfy the customers!


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