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The High Temperature Alloy

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China Ohmalloy Material Co.,Ltd certification
China Ohmalloy Material Co.,Ltd certification
I search for Nichrome plate long time, and successfully bought it from Ohmalloy material. OHMALLOY provide real good service in alloy service and can always help me in finding the correct resistance alloy.

—— Mike Harness

OHMALLOY can provie me only 1kg Kovar alloy wire 1.0mm with short time, that is really amazing. Thanks

—— Janey

Really professional in thermocouple wire and cable, what i want just can get from OHMALLOY

—— Chris

Enamelled Constantan 0.08mm, i never expect to get only 2kg of it. But OHMALLOY supply it to me with good quality. God Jesus! Such a reliable supplier from china

—— Aaron

Company News
The High Temperature Alloy

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The high temperature alloy is based on the iron and nickel cobalt, can resist oxidation or corrosion at the temperature of about 600 or more, and can work under certain stresses for a long time.Such a high degree of alloy , the use of temperature and melting point gap is small, in countries such as Britain and America called super alloy, high temperature alloy is aerospace engine hot section components use of the key materials.More than 60 percent of the total weight of advanced air engines.High temperature alloys has good performance in high temperature, long lasting, creep and fatigue strength.Its typical organization is austenitic matrix and the dispersion in the second phase (carbide, stable metal compounds and other compounds). Ni3Al,Al,Ti is one of the most important strengthening phase, its number of coherent precipitate and matrix, and the morphology and distribution, get different high temperature performance, meet the needs of different service conditions.


In high temperature alloys, W, Mo, Cr and other elements are used to enhance the austenitic matrix, trace elements C, B, Zr, Mg, Y, and Ce are used for the purification and grain boundary strengthening of the alloy, S, P, Pb, Sn,, As, Sb, and Bi are considered as harmful elements that need to be strictly controlled.According to the control and requirements of the alloy components, a vacuum smelting process is required for most high temperature alloys.In order to purify and control the alloy, vacuum self - consumption or electroslag resolvent is also needed.Is harder for alloying degree is high, the thermal deformation and need special control of alloy, usually adopts precision casting, directional solidification, powder metallurgy and mechanical alloying process and preparation technology.


High temperature alloy in energy, and medical, petrochemical and other industrial sector of high temperature and corrosion resistant, wear-resisting, etc widely used, which is indispensable in the construction of national defense and national economy important material.The development and production of high temperature alloy materials is one of the important symbols of national industrial modernization.

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