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Cu-Ni-Zn Alloy

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China Ohmalloy Material Co.,Ltd certification
China Ohmalloy Material Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
Cu-Ni-Zn Alloy
Latest company news about Cu-Ni-Zn Alloy

Cu-Ni-Zn Alloy Strip,Sheet

Main purpose:Zinc and white copper strip is widely used in the industry of antenna, cell phone shield,crystal resonator shell,silver,jewelry,eyeglasses,medical devices,zipper,keys,etc.

Zinc and White Copper Mechanical Properties

Alloy Name Status Tensile Test Hardness Test Main Composition
Domestic Japan U.S.A Thickness mm Tensile Strength b(Mpa) Elongation% Thickness mm HV Cu Ni Zn
Bzn18-18 C7521 C75200 0 0.08-10.0 375 20     63.5-66.5 16.5-19.5 Bal.
1/2H 0.08-10.0 440-570 5 ≥0.06 120-180
H 0.08-10.0 540 ≥3 ≥0.06 150-200
Bzn18-26 C7701 C77000 1/2H 0.08-10.0 540-655 ≥8 ≥0.06 150-210 53.5-56.5 16.5-19.5 16.5-19.5
H 0.08-10.0 630-735 ≥4 ≥0.06 180-240
EH 0.08-10.0 705-805   ≥0.06 210-260
SH 0.08-10.0 765-865     230-270



​                       Beryllium-Copper Strip, Sheet,Module

Main Applications:Beryllium copper strip material widely used in all kinds of spring leaf of micromoto brush,switch,relay,cell phone batteries,spring ,the temperature controll that requires high strength,high elasticity,high hardness and high wear resistance.


1. Strength :By ageing hardening,it can reach to the tensile strength of 1500N/,so it can be usedaselastic material that can withstand high bending stress.

2. Electrical Conductivity:According to different alloys and its speicifications ,there are about20%-70%IACS(The International Annealing Standard). It can be used as elastic material for high density current.

3. Processability,:before the age hardening treatment,the aging materialcan be made through a complex forming processing,no need to process hardened material B in the plant after treatment,and S mode is the

material of strength and forming balance

4.Fatigue resistance:


Beryllium-Copper Mechanical Properties

Product Name Chemical Composition% Material Tensil Strength Elongation %   HV

Electrical Conductivity


JIS Designation N/ mm2
C1720 Be:1.8-2.0 Ni+Co0.20 Ni+Co+Fe0.6 Cu+Be+Co+Fe≥99.5 Before Aging Hardness
O 410-540 35 - 90-160 17
1/4H 510-620 ≥10 - 45-220 16
1/2H 590-695 ≥5 - 180-240 15
H 685-835 ≥2 - 210-270 15
After Aging Hardness
OT 1100-1380 ≥3 ≥960 325-400 ≥22
1/4HT 1180-1400 ≥2 ≥1030 350-430
1/2HT 1240-1440 ≥2 ≥1100 360-440
HT 1270-1480 ≥1 ≥1140 380-450
Stent MaterialStandard
OM 685-885 ≥18 ≥480 220-270 17
1/4HM 735-930 ≥10 ≥550 235-285
1/2HM 815-1010 ≥8 ≥650 260-310
HM 910-1110 ≥6 ≥750 295-345
XHM 1100-1290 ≥2 ≥930 340-390
XMHS 1210-1400 ≥2 ≥1030 360-410






Cu-Ni-Zn Alloy Strip,Plate

Cu-Ni-Zn alloy strip,plate

Main application:Crystal oscilation components shell ,crystal shell, potentiometer with sliding pieces , medical machinery,shipbuilding ,petrochemical industry,military industry,transport vehicles ,currency ,aerospace,construction,electronics,electrical appliances,precision instruments,radiator,instruments ,daily necessities,etc.Some white copper also has special electrical properties,which can make resistance components,thermocouple materials and compensation leads.



Pure copper and nickle can significantly improve the strength,corrosion resistance,hardness ,resistance and thermo electricity and reduce the resistivity temperature coefficient.Therefore cupronickel than other copper alloys mechanical properties,physical properties were very good, good ductility,high hardness ,colour and lustre is beautiful,corrosion resistance,rich in deep drawing performance ,and are also important resistance and thermocouple alloy.

Ordinary white copper plate has good cold and hot working performance,and can be successfully processed into various shapes such as plate ,belt,tube ,rod,type,line and so on .Good welding performance ,can be soft,hard brazing,gas shielded arc welding,resistance welding,etc.The cutting performance is 20% of the free cutting brass.

Ordinary white copper has good corrosion resistance,medium strength ,high plasticity, can hot and cold pressure processing,as well as good electrical properties,in addition to used as structural materials,are also important high resistance and thermocouple alloy.

In copper alloy, white copper has excellent corrosion resistance and is easy to plastic, machining and welding.




Cu-Ni-Zn Alloy Mechanical Properties


Alloy Name






Tensile Strength




Main Composition
            Ni Cu
B6 M 0.2 215 32 65-110 6 Bal.
Y 370 10 110
B19 M 0.2 ≥290 ≥25 75-125 19 Bal.
Y ≥390 ≥3 ≥120
B10 M 0.2 ≥275 ≥28 75-125 10 Bal.
Y ≥370 ≥3 ≥120
B30 M 0.2 ≥370 ≥23 85-125 30 Bal.
Y ≥540 ≥3 ≥150
B23 M 0.2 ≥295 ≥25 75-120 23 Bal.
Y ≥450 ≥3 ≥140



PET plywood,local insulation material

Main application:Cu-Ni-Zn (stainless,steel/tin)strip with single high temperature resistant insulating paint,this braid totally,match the ROSH,PROS,PFAS standard , it is mainly used in the insulation, shielding performance of metal surface in cell phone,computer-navigation,radio,signal transmitting and receiving of communication industry.


Technological Introduction

With the intelligence miniturization, and ultral-thin develops of mobile phones, the requirements to shielding is higher also. As the gap between the phone chip and other parts, including shielding,getting more close ,it needs to be heat faster and prevent the risk such as leakage. Therefore, the traditional craft is stick a layer of insulation glue in PCS products-- commonly known as the glue, this kind of traditional process costs a lot manager , to finish the film cutting,fixture design fixal products and it still resists drawbacks like low efficiency,hard to control.It will become a trend in mobile phone industry.


The features of new white copper insulation painting braid--mainly used in the insulation and shielding functions.


1. Continuous painting of a high temperature insulation film on the strip of the white copper sheet,press molding,after cleaning,the finished product will be finished,and the adhensive process will be omitted.

2. The film has a good effect on the color of the film.Currently, there are both gold and black effects .The film thickness is controlled between 15-25um,and the salt fog is 24H.

3. High temperature of 260 degrees*10minuites, the colleague assured the excellent solder performance of the white copper ,not to puncture in the case of voltage test 380 volts *1minute

4. During the stamping process, the film layer will not burst and fall off ,and it has good electrical properties of the adhension machine.



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