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The Advantage of FeCrAl alloy and Nichrome Alloy

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China Ohmalloy Material Co.,Ltd certification
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Company News
The Advantage of FeCrAl alloy and Nichrome Alloy
Latest company news about The Advantage of FeCrAl alloy and Nichrome Alloy

The advantages of FeCrAl alloy and Nichrome alloy

There is two classification for electric heating alloy: Ferrite FeCrAl alloy and Austenite Nichrome alloy.The performance of them is different when the structure is different.But they have many advantages as heating material,so they are being produced largely and used widely.


1.The advantages of FeCrAl alloy

1) Higher using temperature in air

The maximum using temperture for FeCrAl alloy can be up to 1400℃,it is 0Cr24Al6Y.But the maximum using temperature od Nichrome is 1200℃,it is Ni80Cr20.


2) Longer service life

Under the higher using temperature,the life time of the element made by FeCrAl is 2-4 times as longer as that made by Nichrome alloy.


3) Higher surface load

The surface load is higher because of the high using temperature,so the heating is faster and it can save more material.


4) Better anti oxidation

The oxide film Al2O3 with tight structure coated on the surface of FeCrAl,it holds good adhesion property,so there will be no pollution to the environment.Additional,the film Al2O3 holds excellent anti oxidation as the resistivity and melting of Al2O3 is high.And the Carburizing resistance is better than the Cr2O3 which is coated on nichrome alloy.


5) Smaller specific gravity

The specific gravity of FeCrAl is smaller than Nichrome,so it will save more material than Nichrome in the process of producing elements.


6) Higher resistivity

We can choice the big size to design the elements when we use FeCrAl material,it is good for extending the service life of the element,especially for thin wires.When the size is same,higher resistivity,it will save more material.


7) Better Sulfur-Resistance

The corrosion resistance is very good for FeCrAl when the material is in the air with Sulfur,but it will erode the Nichrome heavily.


8) Lower price
As FeCrAl doesn’t contain the Nickel element,so the cost is much lower than Nichrome.






2.The advantages of Nichrome alloy

1) High temperature strength is higher

The strength is higher in high temperature for Nichrome,so the shape is not being changed easily,then we have more choices to assemble the elements


2) Plasticity is good after long-time use

Nichrome will be not brittle when the temperature cool down after long-time use,so it is much safer in the process of use,and it is much easier to repair the elements when they are damaged.


3) Nonmagnetic

As it is nonmagnetic for nichrome alloy,so it is suitable to make the instrument that is used under low temperature.It will be nonmagnetic for FeCrAl material when it is more than 600℃.


4) Better corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of Nichrome is better than FeCrAl which is not being oxidized.


OHMALLOY can produce both of the alloy and we also can make the alloy into wire, rod, strip and plate which can meet different customer’s unique requirement.




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