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The System of Monel Alloy

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China Ohmalloy Material Co.,Ltd certification
China Ohmalloy Material Co.,Ltd certification
I search for Nichrome plate long time, and successfully bought it from Ohmalloy material. OHMALLOY provide real good service in alloy service and can always help me in finding the correct resistance alloy.

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OHMALLOY can provie me only 1kg Kovar alloy wire 1.0mm with short time, that is really amazing. Thanks

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Really professional in thermocouple wire and cable, what i want just can get from OHMALLOY

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Enamelled Constantan 0.08mm, i never expect to get only 2kg of it. But OHMALLOY supply it to me with good quality. God Jesus! Such a reliable supplier from china

—— Aaron

Company News
The System of Monel Alloy
Latest company news about The System of Monel Alloy

Monel alloy is equivalent to the GB5235 - B5 series nickel base alloy in our country.It has a long history in engineering application, because there has nickel, copper ore in the nature and can transfrom to 70/30 nickel/copper alloy after slightly extract and purity.Monel alloy also has easy molding, easy brazing, free cutting and good heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other comprehensive performance, and therefore is widely welcomed by engineering,.this alloy was selected as thermodynamic materials that used in medium temperature at first , and then used for Marine atmosphere and seawater corrosion resistance as moderate intensity structure, including shipping, some important corrosion structure on the oil industry.Electronic industry also used monel alloy to produce the lead of electron components. Mechanical and electrical industry, which make use of monel alloy as the raw material of heat-resisting, wear-resisting under medium load structures, such as valves, pumps, burning device and corrosion resistance to chlorideion corrosion resistant structure.


Monel alloy is the solid solution collective of nickel - copper, andit containing manganese, silicon, to improve the mechanical properties of alloy, when the element iron exist alone, it will creat negative effects to the corrosion resistance of the alloy. When there is iron manganese silicon at the same time, also can play the role of improving mechanical properties.Add the aluminum and titanium alloy elements can form intermetallic compounds.In age hardening effect at the same time, can reduce the corrosion resistance of alloy.The element sulphur can improve the machining performance of alloy, in free cutting type of monel alloy , we always add higher concentration of sulfur.

By adding different kinds of alloy elements and change the content, make up the various grades of monel alloy, by now ,there are over 20 kinds of alloy designation that record in material handbook ,to adapt to the needs of different occasions.

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